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Name: Dora Šustić
Country: Czech Republic
Genre: Drama
Tagline: Two girlfriends confront their sexual desires and fears while partying with two strangers.
SYNOPSIS:MIA (21) and BIANCA (23) are inseparable friends on a student exchange in Prague. They spend a Saturday evening preparing at Mia’s apartment for a usual night of clubbing. Longhaired Mia is adventurous, desirous to experience her first one-night stand, while Bianca is an introvert lesbian, secretively in love with Mia. At dawn, Mia and Bianca come home with two strangers, handsome JIMMY (28) and humorous FAROUK (30). They snore cocaine, talk and dance, while the sexual tension between Mia and Jimmy increases. Bianca is left out of conversations, trying to call the night off. Realizing there is no more gin, Mia and Jimmy roll away to the bedroom as Bianca and Farouk leave to go to the shop. In the bedroom, Mia and Jimmy have sex, while at the entrance doors, Farouk is convincing Bianca to have fun, trying to undress her. He forces himself onto Bianca, shoving her on the floor. Under the guidance of a skillful lover, Mia experiences an orgasm and pretends not to hear Bianca’s cries for help. On the verge of rape, Bianca’s scream pierces the air and Jimmy and Mia run out of bedroom to tame Farouk and help Bianca, who leaves in shivers and haste. Late afternoon, after waking up alone in the messy apartment, Mia rings on Bianca’s doors and they meet in spite of Bianca’s hesitation. Mia tries to smooth the situation through small talk and excuses. Bianca asks Mia if she used the protection, a question Mia avoids by stopping at a pizza place. Mia apologizes to Bianca for leaving her alone with a stranger and Bianca forgives her. Bianca tries to convince her to buy the anti-baby pill, but Mia rejects. There is a strong presumption that Mia’s unprotected sex will have a more serious consequence, after her forced smile fades, revealing genuine fear in her eyes. The fear that the pleasure will have a severe price.
Short CV of the writer/director: Dora Šustić. Born in Rijeka, Croatia, Dora Šustić (1991) obtained BA in political studies (international relations) at the Faculty of Social Sciences in Ljubljana, Slovenia. In 2012, she moved to Prague, where she currently studies screenwriting for MA degree at the Film and TV School of the Academy of Performing Arts (FAMU). Her poems, fiction and non-fiction have been published in several international literary and feminist journals (GUTS Magazine, Modna, Kritična masa, MUF, Hourglass Literary Magazine etc.). In 2016, she was hosted as a writer in residence in Istanbul, where she completed a photo-poetry book Istanbul Streams. She has written and directed several short films and is completing her first feature film screenplay, Virgins of Pomegranates.

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