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About Pitching Lab

Drama Mini Talent Lab

Drama Mini Talent Lab


5th edition

17 -21 September 2018

The Short Film Festival in Drama supports the production of short films

They say that when you know how to present your idea briefly and as a comprehensive proposal so as to attract somebody's attention, you can write your script correctly. And because it is important to condense what you want to say into one or two lines, especially in short films, this means you have almost completed it. Knowing how to secure funding is not only useful, it also means that the creator can communicate his idea, is as extroverted as it takes and, along with his producer, they need to be willing to find out the conditions prevailing in  the international market.
Pitching is this part of the education that helps the development of a project and trains the creator to bring movies into existence.
In the context of the Educational Platform DRAMA MINI TALENT LAB, the Festival in Drama is holding the 5th pitching workshop on presentation and pitching techniques to directors / producers.

Young filmmakers and producers, selected from all over the world, will participate in training sessions and learn how to present a project for a short film (no longer than 20’).


  • Barbara Dukas - ‘A living Pitching - How we are going to incorporate our story’

  • Geo Kakoudaki - A matter of ownership - Make your movie yours’

  • John Stephens - ‘Pitching essentials  - Story Concept, Conveying your Idea, Loglines and Taglines’

  • Guest Tutor Pr. ANDREW HORTON Masterclass : "Creating memorable characters for a global audience"
12:30’- 15:30’  Conservatory of Drama
The selected projects from all over the world will be presented to potential producers/funders. The presentations will take place before an audience and the participants will be asked to answer questions regarding their project.

The workshop and the forum are conducted in English and will receive listeners in consultation with the Festival Administration.

'Drama Pitching Lab' Conductor:  BARBARA DUKAS

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