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4th Drama Mini Talent Lab - Drama Pitching Lab

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4th Drama Mini Talent Lab - Drama Pitching Lab

Drama Mini Talent Lab


19 -22 September 2017

The Short Film Festival in Drama supports the production of short films

They say that when you know how to present your idea briefly and as a comprehensive proposal so as to attract somebody's attention, you can write your script correctly. And because it is important to condense what you want to say into one or two lines, especially in short films, this means you have almost completed it. Knowing how to secure funding is not only useful, it also means that you can communicate your idea and both you and your producer are open to an international market whose conditions you know. After the script and dramaturgy, pitching is this part of the education that completes project’s development and trains the creator to bring movies into existence.

In the context of the Educational Platform DRAMA MINI TALENT LAB,  the Festival in Drama runs the 4th pitching workshop to provide presentation and pitching techniques to directors / producers.

Young filmmakers and producers from all over the world will participate in training sessions and learn how to present in a 5 minute pitch,
a project for a short film [no longer than 20’ for fiction and animation and no longer than 30’ for documentary] to producers and secure potential funding.
At the end of this three days workshop an exclusive individual meeting with all the experts, for private feedback and counseling about their project will take place, as a final rehearsal/ simulation

Participants are now ready to face in a three hours Pitching Forum    a joint of experts, producers, festival directors, who have five minutes after each presentation to ask them critical questions about their film.

At the end of the Pitching Forum, participants can arrange meetings with potential financiers , discuss details and close subsequent meetings to help them realize their film.

We are proud to announce that although we are only in the fourth edition of our Pitching Lab, a large number of films started in our Workshop and have since took part and  awarded in international festivals.

Amongst them:
  • ‘Fighting for Death’ by Eleonora Velinova
  • ‘Requiem For Laika’ by Gorana Jovanovic
  • ‘Helga Ar I Lund’ by Thelyia Petraki
  • ‘A baddy already dead’ by Konstantinos Fragoulis
  • ‘Maneki Neko’ by Manolis Mavris
  • ‘La grotte de Marie Jeanne’ by Bruno Shirley
  • ‘Lyceum’ by Dareios Hallil
  • ΄Postcards from the End’ by Konstantinos Antonopoulos

And numerous others that continue their career trying to reach their maturity in other international pitching forums and workshops.

Barbara Dukas
Conductor of  ‘Drama Mini Talent Lab’


With the support of the Greek Film Center

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