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Ursus the invisible

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Ursus the invisible

Name:Fotis Zampetakis
Country: Greece
Genre: Fantasy
Tagline: Little Elias has finally found a friend: he is tall, strong, wears a tunic and sandals, his name
is Ursus - and nobody else can see him!
Logline: Elias, a young, lonely and scared boy will reinvent his own life with the help of his
friendship with the peplum film hero, Ursus
Synopsis: Elias is a nine-year-old boy who lives with his parents in a small seaside town in late
1980s. He is shy, lonely, scared and has a secret love for 1960s Italian peplum films
featuring the adventures of Hercules, Samson, Ursus. Elias is fascinated by the strong and
mighty heroes, who deal with adversaries far worse than the difficulties he has to face.
One night, Elias, using his vivid imagination, saves his favourite hero, Ursus, and helps
him escape from the dungeon in which he is imprisoned. Ursus decides to stay with his
new young friend and from that moment on, Elias and Ursus are inseparable: at home, in
the classroom and on the playground. Through his relationship with his imaginary friend,
Elias will discover the courage and strength he did not know he carried within.
His parents, who are unable to explain the changes in Elias’ behaviour, become worried
about what might be happening in his life and ask for a specialist’s help. Although Elias
does not give away the presence of his imaginary friend, Ursus disappears. Elias is left
alone, braver than before but very sad and lonely.
On a summer night, when Elias becomes the target of his schoolmates’ violence, Ursus
returns, arming him with the knowledge he will need in his journey through life.
Short cv: Ι hold a Bachelor Degree of Αrts with Honors, First Class, in "Communication, Culture and
Media” of Coventry University and a Master Degree in "Film Studies” of University of East
Anglia, Norwich. I have attended courses on Script, Direction, Art Direction, and Animation
in New York College, Athens and the Assistant Director course in E.C.A.M., Madrid.
I have worked as an Assistant Director in feature films like “El Greco” and “Strella” and
documentaries like “Expulsion and Exchange of Population” and “Naked Cinema”.
I have been the programmer of filmfests and have worked in Thessaloniki Film Festival in
DocMarket, Guest Office and the Q&A sessions of the screenings.
My script Ursus the Invincible, participated in the Short Film Script Workshop organised by
the Greek Film Centre and Creative Europe / Media, October 2016
and was awarded an Honourable Mention.
I am currently living in Madrid, Spain and working on my short film projects.

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