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The meaning of August

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The meaning of August

Name: Manos Papadakis
Country: Greece
Genre: Drama / Coming of age
Tagline: Athens in August, it’s hot and everybody bites.
Synopsis: Andreas is a 23year old man with nothing to hold on to. He works in a factory owned by Alamanos, a man who clearly didn’t make up his fortune by legal activities.
Andreas has to take care of the house and the dog of his employer Alamanos for one week, while he will be away with his family for vacations. The house is a luxurious villa on the top of the hill, but the dog is an aggressive Rottweiler named Leben. Andreas is afraid of Leben. Leben is afraid of Andreas. The first night of his ”shift” Andreas’s friends pay him a visit. One of them will steal something and Andreas runs after him to claim it back. He will return to the villa  only to find Leben with his leash cut, barking at him. Andreas enters from the back door and rushes to the house but Leben attacks him and bites him. Trying to protect himself Andreas injures Leben heavily with a sharp gardening tool.
By night he will find a pet doctor that will help him keep Leben alive.
But the next day the best friend and neighbor of Alamanos knocks on the door, holding an equally aggressive dog and tells Andreas to go and bring Leben for their daily “walk”.
Andreas panics, makes up a not so good excuse and moments later his phone rings . It’s Alamanos and he demands that he hears Leben barking to make sure he is alright.
Andreas panicks even more. He is preparing to run. But where can he run to?
Short cv of the author/director: Manos Papadakis was born in Heraklion Crete and studied cinema in Stavrakos film School in Athens. Since then he lives and works in Athens. He has produced and written short films and directed commercials and experimental films. His films have been shown in International film festivals such as Dresden International Short Film Festival, Brussels International Short Film Festival and Huesca International Short Film Festival among others. He is currently writing his first feature screenplay along with director Natassa Xydi called -1 (Minus One).
Short cv of the producer: Real Eyes Productions is an Athens-based production company, created in 2015, by the film producer Giannis Sotiropoulos.  The company's most recent credits include the short film “Manodopera” by Loukianos Moshonas (Locarno Film Festival - Pardi di Domani 2016) and the feature film “USSAK” by Kyriakos Katzourakis, in coproduction with the Greek Film Center.
Real Eyes Productions is currently producing a series of mini docs for ERT - the Greek National Broadcaster - and is developing two feature films as co-productions, "Haunted by City Lights" by Stratis Chatzielenoudas and "Cobra Grande" by Kostas Gerampinis.

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