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The Cake

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Το Γλυκο (The Cake)

Name: Daphne Schmon
Country: Greece
Tagline: Nothing sweet can take away a bitter pain.
Synopsis: An elderly man, SPYROS (85) peacefully rides up the hill from his farm on a donkey, when a YOUNG WOMAN (25) in a car suddenly hits him. This accident is due to negligence while texting and driving. Blood pours onto the road, a moment that symbolizes the clash between old and new generations.
Spyros returns home from the hospital with the help of his daughter, ALKINOI (58). The woman that hit Spyros visits them with her boyfriend, offering cake on a big porcelain plate to apologize. This gift is accompanied by coldness on both sides. The young couple argues that the accident was Spyros’ fault and that he should not be riding a donkey at his age. Alkinoi and Spyros refuse to eat the cake, as it will never heal the injuries caused. Yet they do not want to waste food by throwing it away.
The next day, Alkinoi decides to give the cake to her friend, ATHANASIA (30), and confesses why she and her father cannot eat it. Athanasia takes the cake but feeling the pain of her friend, she finds it impossible to eat as well.
Athanasia eventually takes the cake to her mother, MAGDALENA (55) who says that she does not want to receive the symbolic “misfortune” of this sweet gift. Finally, Magdalena leaves the cake outside to be eaten by the vines upon the elegant porcelain platter that accompanies it.
DAPHNE SCHMON, Director: Daphne is an award-winning Greek American director. She founded Seek Films in 2009 after graduating with honours from Wesleyan University. Her first feature documentary CHILDREN OF THE WIND won seven awards from international film festivals, including “Best Documentary” and “Best Emerging Filmmaker” at X-Dance. The film was also nominated for the “CNN Best Documentary Award” at the American Black Film Festival. She has since led teams in nine countries, including Kenya (SHIFTING GROUND) and Venezuela (DOWN TO EARTH) directing documentaries, commercials and music videos. Most recently, Daphne directed ALL OF ME, a short fiction film made by an all-female crew in London. ALL OF ME premiered at Cannes Marche du Film and had its U.S. Premiere at Oscar-qualifying Palm Springs International Film Festival.
ATHINA GEROLYMPOU, Screenwriter: In October of 2016, Athina started a PhD in Screenwriting, focusing on non linear narration, in the School Of Film Studies in Aristotle University of Thessaloniki. In August of 2016 she graduated from Edinburgh Napier University / Screen Academy Scotland, where she attended the master’s degree MA Screenwriting program and wrote four short scripts as well as a sci-fi feature script, ‘To Die Laughing’. In 2015, Athina graduated from the five year Bachelor course in the School of Film Studies in Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, where her dissertation was a fantasy feature script, ‘Alfa’.

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