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Paris - Cortazar

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Paris - Cortazar

Name: Guillermo Alcalá-Santaella Llorens
Country: Spain
Genre: Documental
Tagline: Paris Cortázar shows and describes the places conceived by the writer upon his arrival in this city in the fifties.
Synopsis: This audiovisual production tries to show the audacious author’s favourite places, those long walks which inspired him to write some of his work. It tries to reach the most significant places of his life’s work, and to notice the most characteristic cronopio spirit. Through some interviews with close friends the cronopio’s vision will determine the focus of this movie. This is not the Argentinian cronopio, is a cronopio located behind the camera, and he will try to show the inventiveness and the point of view of this little creature who was created by Julio Florencio Cortazar. It is an unknown cronopio, one among others in the world, and he will try to show the genius and the essence of his creator. His favorite spots, where we can found strolling characters like Horacio Oliveira or Johnny Carter and finally the cortazarian universe in Paris in 2017. Paris Metro, Boulevard Saint-Michel, the Seine, Jardin des Plantes, house at Place du Général Beuret, Pont des Arts, Montparnasse cemetery; all those places and many others will be described in part of the documentary.
Short CV of the author/producer/director: Guillermo Alcalá-Santaella Lloréns (Valencia, 1987) is a spanish Producer and Director who has studied at CEU Cardenal Herrera University (Valencia) and also in Ciudad de la Luz Studies Centre (Alicante). His last work, The hills, was filmed in spanish and it was both written and directed by him. It was his fifth short film project after his first jobs involving direction skills in works such as La petite fille or Continuity of the parks.
He has recently finished the edition of its sixth project as both Producer and Director, by making a film documentary of the argentinian writer Julio Cortazar, filmed in Paris, Madrid and Barcelona. At this moment he´s looking for financing to carry out the postproduction of the documentary film.

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