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From the balcony

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From the balcony

Name: Aris Kaplanidis
Country: Greece
Genre: Comedy / Drama
Tagline: This neighbourhood is as it may seem. But from Lina's balcony it looks like it really is.
SYNOPSIS:A little story from a blue-collar neighborhood.
Lina, a middle-aged lady who never leaves the balcony of her house, intervenes in everything that happens within her visual field. People passing by in front of her building, neighbors from the apartments across the street, everyone realize that whatever they do, Lina is watching day and night and intervenes: From throwing a bandage from her balcony when an accident takes place to giving parking advice or notifying the police for a burglary.
Some are surprised by her attitude, but most are annoyed by her constant gaze on them.
Until Lina loses her son in a car accident and does not go out to her balcony ever since.
The neighborhood is not the same anymore.
ELIAS ROUMELIOTIS (author): Elias Roumeliotis is a scriptwriter, lyricist and actor mainly active in the field of comedy and satire.
From 2003 until 2012 he has written scripts for short films, comic sketches, as well as concepts for music albums, music videos, comic strips and mini-stand up monologues.
In 2013, he wrote the script for the feature film "A Gospel According to Life” where he
also starred. Elias Roumeliotis is a co-founder, writer and one of the actors of the sketch comedy ensemble "Mourga", which collaborates with ComedyLab. Finally, as a lyricist from 2004 to date he has written lyrics and musical scripts for 6 albums of the satirical musical group "Tri.P.A.", a member of ImizBiz Entertainment music label of Imiskoumbria since 2013.
ARIS KAPLANIDIS (director): Aris Kaplanidis studied painting and illustration at the Applied Arts School of Spyros Ornerakis. During his studies, he directed the cult feature "The Almighty Tycoon of the Ninjas" (2007).
With his first short movie “Inset” (2007), he received a scholarship in the film department of the Lykourgos Stavrakos Film & Television School.
His graduation short film, "Same Old Blues" (2010), participated in the Digital Department of the Drama Short Film Festival.
He is a co-founder of the Greek Network of Independent Cinematographers "Chainfree".
He has directed 11 films, including the feature "A Gospel According to Life" and the short "I Dreamed of Aphrodites (2013)".
Aris Kaplanidis is also music producer, lyricist and music video director of the satirical music group "Tri.P.A", member of ImizBiz Entertainment, music label of Imiskoumbria.
He is a key member of the sketch comedy ensemble "Mourga", which collaborates with ComedyLab.
For television, he has directed several music videos and has worked as an editor for shows of Greek TV channels ANT1, MEGA, SKAI, ATTICA. He is currently working as a dialogue writer for the television series "Classmates".

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