Regulations - 40th Greek Short Film Festival in Drama - Φεστιβάλ Ταινιών Μικρού Μήκους Δράμας

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Regulations - 40th Greek Short Film Festival in Drama

40ο Εθνικό Φεστιβάλ



40th Greek Short Film Festival in Drama

18-23 September 2017


1. For the promotion of cinematography in Greece, cultural decentralization and the diffusion of the Greek short films, the 40th  GREEK SHORT FILM FESTIVAL in DRAMA is organized by the “CULTURAL ORGANIZATION-SHORT FILM FESTIVAL in DRAMA” from 18 to 23 September 2017 in the city of Drama.

2. The films which will participate in the contest of the Greek Short Film Festival in Drama must meet the following requirements:

a) A greek premiere is requested. Therefore no public screening of the film must have taken place in Greece or the Internet.
b) The films must have been completed within the year 2016 or 2017.
c) The final screening copy must be available in DPC, Apple ProRes, H264 or MPEG4.
d) The films must be a greek production or co-production, or the director should be Greek or Greek-Cypriot.
Films made by a Greek or Greek-Cypriot director but shot outside Greece and which are not a greek production or co-production participate in the category “Greeks of the World”.
e) Each director is entitled to participate in the Festival with only one film and has to state himself or herself the genre and the special category in which they compete.(e.g. Fiction, Animation, Documentary – student, Greeks of the World).
f) Acceptable genres: fiction, documentary, animation films, experimental films.


Deadline: 31st May 2017

a) The application and the pre-selection material (dvd in 1 copy) and a digital copy of the film are to be submitted online or to the Festival offices (Em. Benaki 71, 10681 Athens or Ag.Varvaras 9, 66131 Drama) by 31st May 2017.

In case of submitting the application in electronic form, the director and the producer(s)  ought also to  send the application by mail (postmarked up to 31 May), signed and bearing the seals of the producer and the director (so long as seals exist) or to submit it in person at the Festival offices by 31st May 2017.

After  the application of participation and the pre-selection material have been submitted and the film has been selected, it is not entitled to be withdrawn by the director or the producer for whatever reason (objection to the screening order etc.)

b) Procedure and conditions concerning material delivery for selection.

The director or the producer ought to send the following to the Festival offices by 31st May 2017:

1. The application form with all the mandatory item fields filled in, signed by and bearing the seal of the director and producer(s).

2. A copy of the film in digital file (private or  password protected link)  downloadable until the announcement of the results for the selection and a copy of the film in DVD (standalone/compatible with  home players).

3. If the film’s original language is not Greek, a list of the film dialogues in Greek will have to be delivered along with the above material.

4. At least one (1) photo from the film and one (1) photo of the director in digital form (300dpi).

c) Acceptance of participation terms and regulations.
The submission of the application of participation to the Festival in Drama automatically entails the unreserved acceptance of this regulation and constitutes a solemn statement for the accuracy of the submitted data (crew identity, statement on the non-public screening in Greece or on the Internet, category statement, debutant, technical data-check).


a) The selection of the films is made by the Pre-selection Committee, presided over by the Artistic Director, who suggests its other members to the Administrative Board. Films which have not been selected for the competition section are not screened in it.

b) Αs a greek premiere is requested, the screening of the film in a cinema, TV channel, Festival or the Internet before or during the Festival is forbidden, except for the Festival’s scheduled screenings.

5. MATERIAL DELIVERY of the films selected for the final screening.

Deadline: 25th August 2017

a) The final screening copy and the other material described below will have to be submitted to the Festival offices in Athens (Em. Benaki 71 Str., 10681 Athens) by 25th August 2017 at 17:00.

The following material is to be delivered:

1) Screening copy in one of the following acceptable formats:

- DCP subtitled in English or Greek for non- greek speaking films.
- Apple ProRes  subtitled in English or Greek for non-greek speaking films.
- H264 subtitled in English or Greek for non-greek speaking films.
- MPEG4 subtitled in English or Greek for non-greek speaking films.

2) One (1) copy in DVD of the final film version, compatible with standalone/ home players, subtitled in English or in Greek for non-greek speaking films, for the needs of the Film Market.

3) Signed solemn statement of final technical check by the film’s technical supervisor and by the director.

If not, the film is excluded from the festival screening and the contest.

a) The user license for each film submitted is the responsibility of the producer under the copyright law.

b) The return of the films will be carried out by the Festival secretariat (offices in Athens or Drama, after consultation), under the responsibility of the directors, in 15 days at the most after the end of the event: “The Festival in Drama travels to Athens”.   The Festival is not responsible for the keeping of the films beyond the aforementioned return time limit of 15 days.

Exceptionally, a film may be returned earlier, after the end of the Festival, from Drama, provided that there is a request of the producer or director in writing.

c) The schedule and the screening order for the films are suggested by the Festival’s Artistic Director and defined by the Administration Board.


The Artistic Director exclusively selects and sets up the Jury, which consists of at least 5 members (except cases of force majeur) and appoints its Chair.

Prizes of the 40th Greek Short Films Festival in Drama

1st Best Film Prize

2nd Best Film Prize

«GREEKS OF THE WORLD –Socrates Dimitriadis» PRIZE


(A student film is termed as such if it has been produced during the director’s studies)

“NTINOS KATSOURIDIS” PRIZE for the Newcomer director
(A newcomer is the director who participates with his/her first movie)
The Prizes are awarded to one director or film and cannot be shared.

The Jury can award honours and commendations for individual artistic  merits (script, photography, male & female performance, sound, editing, music, sets-costumes, special effects etc.)


a) One digital copy of the final copy of the film in DVD is necessary for the Film Market and it remains with the Festival archive.

b) The Festival retains the right to digitize the submitted films for the needs of the Film Market and its Archive.

c) For the promotion and advertising of the programs, the Festival can show snapshots of the films on TV or on the internet, which will not exceed the 10% of the total film duration and, in each case, not over three minutes.

d) The Festival retains the right of the publication of film data, including the contact information of the director and the producer.

e) The Cultural Organization-Short Film Festival in Drama during the Festival hosts the director or an artistic coefficient from each contestant film.

f) The Cultural Organization-Short Film Festival in Drama is burdened with the transportation and insurance expenses of the films, both during their shipment (Athens-Drama) and their return (Drama-Athens), and during their stay in its headquarters for up to 15 days after the Festival’s end, as well as during the event “The Festival in Drama travels to Athens”. In case of loss or damage of the copy with the Festival’s responsibility, the Festival is obliged to compensate the value for the printing of a positive copy of the specific copy.

g) The Festival Chair is responsible for the solving of every matter relating to the implementation of the Regulation and the provisions enforced.

h) The competent Courts of Drama are appointed responsible for settling any possible disputes.


TEL: +30 210 3300309, FAX: +30 210 3302818

TEL+30 25210 47575, FAX:+ 30 2521033526


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