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Filipe Pereira - Member of Jury of 23rd International Short Film Festival in Drama

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Filipe Pereira
Festival Director, Curator Portugal
Member of Jury of 23rd International Short Film Festival in Drama

Filipe Pereira has been working in film-related institutions for 18 years, starting as volunteer in a film festival at the age of 16. At the age of 21 he was on the organizing board of CINANIMA – International Animated Film Festival, and at 22 he initiated FEST – New Directors / New Films Festival, a project he was the concept creator for. He directs the festival up to this day and for the last 12 years has led the project from zero to general recognition. He has also developed and directs FEST Pitching Forum, a film development forum and FEST - Training Ground, a yearly one-week film training program that attracts more than 400 attendees every year and top professional speakers. Filipe has served a mandate as General Secretary and one as President of NISI MASA European Network of Young Cinema. He is also the co-ordinator of FEST FILM LAB, a film training project for film professionals of several crafts. The project takes place for 12-13 weekends per year and is developed in several cities such as London, Berlin, Barcelona, New York, Lisbon and Hong Kong. When he was 18 he was the representative of the Portuguese Youth Institute in Espinho, connecting the projects with the local community. Between 2005-2007 he was curator of Sic Radical TV program FEST Curtas, showcasing the best new short films in a high viewing share cable TV station. In 2012 he co-ordinated Borderline, an itinerant film development project that took place inside a double-decker bus. The project selected 13 filmmakers to live, travel and develop films from inside the bus for one month, while travelling between Paris and Guimarães. In 2015 he was distinguished with an honorary award by the Municipality of Espinho for his contribution to the local community, in particular through the dedicated activities within FEST.

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