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Awards of 22nd International Short Film Festival in Drama 2016

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Awards and statements of 22nd International Short Film Festival in Drama

Grand Prix 2016

“Mouth of hell” by Samir Mehanovic, Scotland/India

For the great quality of cinematography and script; the diversity of situations and the excellent choice of location and the acting of the young Anant.  It’s a classic story based on real facts, the condition of that coal collectors losing their health for a few rupees and the exclusion of women who have been raped. We are glad to give the prize to a director who seems to feel the pain, the sorrow and the courage to get out of life’s awful conditions.

Second Prize

“Madam Black” by Ivan Barge, New Zealand / UK

Hitting a child’s cat with a car is actually not a funny thing. But what happened in the 10 minutes after that in this short film made us laugh and feel with the characters at the same time. The film has a beginning, a middle and an end. Sounds easy but it’s not often achieved in a short film.

European Film Awards Drama 2016

“Shooting star” by Lyubo Yonchev, Bulgaria/ Italy

A triumph of all things cinematic: writing, acting, cinematography and editing. At the centre of the film was the performance by Stefka Yanorova a mother angry and yet filled with love. The entire cast was brilliant even the ex-husband’s voice on the phone run true. It was honest and interesting and always surprising because the film has emotional depth and relevance to us all. It was cinema in its purest form.

Special Award TV5 Monde

“Nelly” by Chris Raiber, Austria

A film that could be a hallmark of international cinema. Strong editing, an important style of moving camera, and a great energy send the audience a tidal wave of feelings. We are admirers of the production of the film.

Best South and Eastern European Film

“Alice in the café” by Dimitris Nakos, Greece

Losing a job in the crisis, living together with an older women and falling in love with a younger one – sounds like a bit too much for a main character in a short film. But the filmmaker made it happen in 18 minutes with the help of the brilliant actors.

Best Animation Film

“Aenigma” by Antonis Doussias, Aris Fatouros, Greece

This film quite simply blew us all away!  It was a visual feast yet it also achieved a remarkable level of emotional depth as it made the paintings of Theodoros Pantaleon come alive; always moving and expanding our horizons… we found ourselves delighted from our own various vantage points as only a great film can do.  Behind it all was a powerful historical story of the subjection of women.

Special Award

“The same blood” by Mitry Semenov-Aleinikov, Belarus

To be family is sometimes difficult. This is a huge responsibility. Especially if you are brothers and diametrically opposed personalities. Sometimes you need to be altruistic. Perhaps you must give your life. This short film shows us how to be family. Love is everything for humanity.

Special Award

“The One” by Ivan Pavljutskov, Estonia

Sometimes simplicity and surprise is enough, but coupled with sure hand of a director who follows their vision, it can produce a gem.

Special Award

“Before Lunch” by Simon Szabó, Hungary

A single shot, a single image about fascism that we must never forget. A great historical film. A Special Prize is awarded to the film.

Special Award for Female Acting

Stefka Yanorova in “Shooting star” by Lyubo Yonchev, Bulgaria/Italy

Special Award for Male Acting

Ilija Strumenikovski and Mile Grozdanovski  in “Fighting for Death” by Eleonora Veninova, F.Y.R.O.M.


“Ebéd Elótt” (Before Lunch) by Simon Szabó, Hungary

A film, which, by using one single 9 minute black and white shot manages to speak, through the eyes of the witnesses of past atrocities, about most urgent current topics.

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