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Master Class 2015 - Bobby Roth


29th October to 4th Νοεμβρίου
Cine Trianon



“Lost” director, Bobby Roth, for the first time in Greece

Masterclass, Sunday 1st November,  6 pm, cine ΤRΙΑΝΟΝ

An initiative of the Festival in Drama

in the context of the educational workshop

Drama Mini Talent Lab for young filmmakers.

With the support of Finos Film,  OTE TV and the U.S.A  Embassy in Athens.

Με την υποστήριξη της Finos Film, του OTE TV και της Πρεσβείας των Η.Π.Α. στην Αθήνα

The Festival in Drama travels: its first stop is the hospitable venue of the cine TRIANON. From 29th October to 4th November the Festival in Drama presents the Greek program of the 38th Festival, the Balkan Panorama and the awarded films of the 21st International Short Film Festival. The Greek awarded films of this year’s festival will open and close the programme.

In the context of the Educational Platform  «Drama Mini Talent Lab» for young filmmakers, the guest of the Festival in Drama  Bobby Roth will hold a  Masterclass at the Trianon cinema on Sunday 1st November,  6 pm. Our guest will show some episodes of his educational documentary   «A DIRECTOR PREPARES». The screening will be followed by Q&A with the audience. The Masterclass will be held in English..

The teaching will continue the next day with the participants of the Drama Pitching Lab. The lab takes place every year in Drama under the direction of director and tutor Barbara Dukas. The 5 best projects of the last 2 versions of the pitching  lab and the pitching forum will be presented to Mr. Bobby Roth.

The young filmmakers will have the opportunity to be coached by an internationally established director and get tips on how to become more efficient in promoting their ideas and scripts to the broader public.
(Monday 2nd November, 12.00pm)

Los Angeles-born director, scriptwriter and producer  Bobby Roth is renowned for the TV series  «Lost», «Prison Break», «The Insiders» and among many others, episodes of the series «Grey's Anatomy», «The Mentalist» as well as the films: «Heartbreakers», «Circle of Power», «The Boss' Son»  and «Independence Day».

Multi-awarded Bobby Roth ( studied creative writing and cinema and has directed more than 80 TV episodes, 25 TV movies and 30 feature films. An established educator, he has produced original specialized educational material in the form of a series of documentaries for directors, scriptwriters and industry professionals  at large.

Bobby Roth is visiting Greece for the first time. His visit is sponsored by Finos Film and OTE TV with the support of the USA Embassy in Greece.

«A Director Prepares»
Thus entitled, this series of Educational Documentaries by Βobby Roth on cinema and TV production is an invaluable learning tool for students and young filmmakers.
This 10-part series is also a captivating documentary for anyone interested in film and entertainment generally, or collaborative creative practice.
Bobby Roth’s approach “aims to democratize production by empowering independent filmmakers everywhere with insights gained from Bobby Roth’s four decades of work in film and television. Our principal goal is to help independent filmmakers everywhere make more and better films”.

Bobby Roth thoroughly analyses every stage of the cinema production with the aid of more than 50 industry professionals (from  actors and showrunners to editors and cinematographers) all of whom have worked with Bobby on at least one project.
“Through case studies from Bobby’s diverse and extensive background in both film and television, we examine the whole process from script to shot list to dailies to finished product. We compare Bobby’s work on iconic television shows like Lost                                                            , Prison Break, and Grey’s Anatomy, to his own independent features, such as Heartbreakers, Jack the Dog, Berkeley, and Manhood, and showcase the different learning experiences that directing television can offer for independent filmmakers, and vice versa.
This dual approach is unique to documentaries about directing, and offers a fresh platform for learning the craft.
We emphasize the extensive preparation and time-management needed for the frenetic pace of network drama, the creative freedom and possibilities of independent cinema and the ways these complement each other. Interviews with industry professionals on both sides of the film and television divide reveal the ways television directing makes you a more efficient filmmaker, and that bringing to television the humanist storytelling of independent cinema makes you a better visionary on the small screen, as well.
At the core of Bobby’s method in both film and television is the dictum to prepare extensively in order to be present for the actors during production.”

For participations, please, fill-in the form attached and send it by October 26 October 29 to

Info: International Short Film Festival in Drama
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