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A Mystery on Soviet Borders

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A Mystery on Soviet Borders

Director: Omer Capoglu
Authors: Tarık TUFAN,Nuran OZKAN,Erdal HOS,Omer CAPOGLU
Origin Country of Project: Turkey
Genre: Drama
The Length of the Movie: 15 min
Tagline: ...geography is destiny...
Synopsis: It is the end of the 1960s ... The years when electricity has not yet come to these lands and there is no means of communication ... The Turkish - Soviet border, drawn in the 1920s, has separated the villages and even relatives of the border region. Their destiny is also drawn along with the borders. This new geography has shaped their new fates. The border security, which was initially loose, was tightened with the escalating NATO-Warsaw Bloc tensions during the Cold War, and people living in the area were unable to hear from their relatives, even though they could see their homes.
On the other hand, the life of the villagers living on this side of the border has become harder day by day. In time, an old village was left with the immigration of young people. While a handful of elderly people struggle to live in these difficult conditions, they are in a hurry to hear from other relatives on the other side of the border. Every family has a relative beyond the border. It is forbidden to approach the border or to get news from the other side, even pointing with fingers that side. The hardest thing is to understand when there is a funeral on the other side of the border, but don’t know who died as they hear requiem, and remain to guess who died. However, it must be certain who died as soon as possible. Maybe it will never be known if the person who is supposed to have been passed away is the dead person. Because mourning cannot be delayed.
Ömer ÇAPOĞLU -  ( Director,Author ): Mr. ÇAPOĞLU was born in Trabzon in 1981 and grew up in Trabzon. He studied Electrical Engineering and graduated from the Yildiz Teknik University in 2005. During his education, he took part in both the University theatre and the Sariyer Art Theatre.
While working as an electrical engineer, Omer Capoglu, has concurrently been studying for a master’s degree in Cinema and Television from the Istanbul Bilgi University. He has participated in several festivals, including the Drama Film Festival. His first film he directed and produced was “A Short Film on Wong Kar Wai” which has received many awards.
Previous Works;
• A Short Film About Wong Kar Wai  ( Short Film )
password : 20152015
• Gift ( Short Film )
password : 20152015
Erdal HOŞ – ( Producer,Author ): Mr. HOŞ was born in Trabzon in 1973. He completed his primary and secondary education in Sakarya. He graduated from Istanbul University’s Economics Department of International Relations. He has worked in the private sector for a long time and has some experience in documentary work. Mr. Hos, who is an expert instructor at Sakarya University, has been working as a tv commentator and columnist since 2012.
Tarık TUFAN - Biography ( Author ): Tarik was born in Istanbul in 1973. After completing his high school education in Istanbul at the Kabatas High School, he graduated from Istanbul University, from the Faculty of Literature, in the Department of Philosophy. Mr. Tufan received his Master’s degree in Sociology from Marmara University’s Institute for Middle East Studies. He has hosted and produced numerous shows on various tv and radio channels. Also as an avid writer he has published short stories and essays for different literary magazines. Tarik is a creative scenarist that has done work with both documentaries and fictional films. As an accomplished author that has successfully published 6 books.
Published Books:
• Stammering Childrens’ Choir - 2000
• The Queen's Flea - 2002
• And You Are Gone Like A Bird – 2004
• Fuzzy - 2007
• A Man Run Into the City - 2010
• Champs-Élysées Wedding Hall – 2015
Screeplays :
• The Armageddon (TV Series) – 2008
• Delayed Lives (TV Series) – 2009
• The Little Chance (Feature Film) -2009 / International Istanbul Film Festival, Best Screenplay Award
• A Sultan In Limbo: Abdulhamit – 2009 (Documentary – Al Jazeera Documentary)
• 8 Countries – 8 Directors & Sinan - 2010
• (Documentary – Additional Writing)
• Yozgat Blues (Feature Film) – 2013 / International Adana Golden Boll Film Festival, Best Screenplay Award
Nuran ÖZKAN - Biography ( Author ): Nuran was born in İzmir in 1979. She completed her primary, secondary, and high school education in İzmir. She graduated from Dokuz Eylul University, from the Faculty of Educational Sciences, in the Department of Guidance and Psychological Counseling. She has been working at a public high school in Istanbul as a Psychological Counselor since 2000. She is currently continuing her master studies at Istanbul Bilgi University, in the Public Relations and Corporate Communication Program. Her articles have been published in various magazines. She has also participated in scenario teams for many TV series.

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